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SeTracker app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 128 ratings )
Developer: 安全守护
Current version: 4.2.1, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 24 Jul 2015
App size: 53.02 Mb

1 intercom: APP record and send to device,device record and send to app.
2 map: APP can search the last position and show in the map,and get the realtime position.
3 health: APP can search the movement of the device.
4 footprint: APP can searth the historical route and show ine the map.
5 geofence:APP can set geofence,APP can get the message when device stride the geofence.
6 message : APP can get the lowbat message,sos message and so on.
7 alarm: APP can set the alarm of the device.
8 find watch: APP send the command,the device will ring.
9 rewards: APP can send rewards to the device,like redheart.
10 settings: APP can set the sos number,work mode,shutdown command and so on.

Pros and cons of SeTracker app for iPhone and iPad

SeTracker app good for

This works fairly well with Q50 and Q90 watches for GPS tracking. The software English is a little funny from Chinese translation but its still functional.
Can configure two mobiles (father & mother) to track one device?? I am trying but its not working!!! Please this it will be amazing!!!
Awesome device and app. Very precise and locates your child if he/she goes missing. A must try
This is my first review ever. I got the watch/phone in the mail today. I bought it on Amazon and was a little skeptical because of the reviews, specially because people complained about how hard it is to understand the instructions due to the poor translation from Mandarin to English. Well, that part is true, the manual is too hard to understand. So I just used my cellphones bar code reader app to download the watch app. Once downloaded, it was fairly easy to set up. Everything has to be done through the app, you cannot set up the watch just by pressing buttons and the screen, download the app! After downloading the app to your cellphone, you need to register the watch with the app. I used the bar code reader app on my cell again to scan the barcode on the back of the watch. You need to scan the barcode on the top, not the bottom one. I had trouble setting up a password. I finally figured out that you cannot have numbers in your password. Only letters and maybe a few special characters. I used my email address and the SIMs card phone number to complete the registration. You will also fill out a section where you need to add your own cellphone number as the number that is monitoring the watch. I have been able to change the time (they only have listed eastern and western times, lots of them but no central times). I have added three phone numbers (you can add more) and the GPS is showing that the watch is in my house. I called the watch and then called my cellphone using the watch. Perfect phone call, no issues so far. I also used the "locate watch" feature and it works. The watch started beeping and the ringtone was loud which is good if you have misplaced the phone. You cannot change the ringtone or lower the volume though. The only thing that I have not been able to change is the date on the watch. I will keep trying. So, I like it so far. Im not sure all the features work yet, thats why I am giving it only 4 stars. By the way, I am with T-Mobile and I have a regular family plan. I have always had an extra phone line on my plan so I am using a micro SIM card. The phone works on a 2G network and works fine with my carrier. I dont know if it would work with any other carriers. After downloading the app, I noticed they have a new app. I decided not to download it because the original app worked fine for me. I dont want to mess it up. Hope this review helps!!!!

Some bad moments

How to retrieve my account, if I lost the account name and password? IMEI 357412081800456
Every time I try to login it says " Account Error" Asia & Oceana area should be working
It keeps saying there is account error and then when trying to reset the password it does not email me the ...
This setup and login is very irritating. Keeps saying offline
It keeps saying there is account error and then when trying to reset the password it does not email me the verification code.
It keeps saying there is account error and then when trying to reset the password it does not email me the verification code.

Usually SeTracker iOS app used & searched for

setracker, 安全守护, and other. So, download free SeTracker .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.